Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Not just being a media house, Aadarsh Himachal is a medium between the people and the government. We believe in the true essence of  democracy “by the people, for the people” and all our news is based on it. We might not be very visible in the market but what makes us dissimilar from other media houses is our projection of facts as they are without adding any spice to it. We bring to you what’s actually happening in the Rangmanch with proper research and justification.

Since our beginning we’ve been striving continuously to be Aadarsh (ideal) news platform and over the period of time we’ve emerged as the most trusted and most preferred hindi news media. We work to make an informed and a happy society where news reaches you firstly.

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Being on the web means using new media technologies to change the way stories are told. With data and interactive charts, video and audio as integral parts of the narrative structure our effort is to make the story as descriptive and justified as possible.

To keep the all generations updated with the real time news we have active social media handles where you can not only read news but also share your story, articles, photos, videos which we later publish on our site.

A Good Media House is a Nation talking to itself!